Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 (aka Impossible Quiz 4)

Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 (aka Impossible Quiz 4)Plot

In Chapter 1, Chris (A cat) is abducted by the Phlovomites (Alien Specie) while holding the quiz book and this is also shown in the beginning of Chapter 2. After Chris is abducted he is thrown into a prison cell and he has to answer the questions to go free. The plot just serves to make the game more interesting but the most focus should be paid on the quiz.

Impossible Quiz 4 also contains 50 questions but this time the theme is motivated by video games. (You need to have a basic knowledge in video games especially the old ones like PAC-man and Pokemon).

Game play

You start the game with 5 lives and you have to make it to the end of the game with only these lives. If all your lives are lost, you will have to start over. This means that you can only get 5 questions wrong of all the 50 questions.

A bomb will also go off if you fail to answer a question within the time given and this will automatically lead to a fail and loss of a life.

The game starts with simple questions but as you progress they become harder. You will have to think twice before clicking any answer as there are many trick questions and the answers are not always as easy.

You will also have to play some games to progress. If you die, one life is lost and you can only progress after finishing each game.


Simply use your mouse to control the cursor and click on the answers. Use the directional keys for the mini-games and watch for your life and the ticking bomb.

Have fun and remember this game does not test your IQ so don’t do it like a test.



Boxhead – Survival of the Fittest

Boxhead – Survival of the FittestFor years the game “Boxheads” has been producing new versions of their games, including “Boxhead 2Play Rooms,” Boxhead Zombie Wars” and more! These popular flash games catch the attention of any gamer looking for some quick shoot-em-up fun, just like in tug the table unblocked.

The game has simple instructions that can be easily followed by anyone. Simply use the “WASD” keys to move up, down, left, and right, respectively. The “Space” key can be used to shoot/fire a weapon. Different weapons can be changed by using the number keys 0-9.

The objective of the game is very simple; Kill or be killed. Boxhead is a death match where only the strongest will survive. Collect as many weapons and powerups as you can to make sure you are always ready for the next fight you get into. You can select from many specially designed characters to fight through the hordes of opponents with. Characters can range from “Bambo,” to “Bert.”

When playing Boxheads always be sure to upgrade weapons. The stronger and faster the weapon, the more chance you will have to conquer your enemies. Be sure to look out for AI opponents as well through your journeys. AI Such as zombies or devils can be very sadistic foe’s that will aim to kill you before you can find other players.

Explosives can be greatly powerful weapons but also a menace. Be careful using them as the splash damage could possibly end your life as well, stay clear of where you throw/use them!

That being said, check your six at all times, you never know when a player is following you with intentions to end your life. If you can team up with friends in Boxhead, do it. Cooperative play is key when travelling throughout the map, you can be sure to protect each other as you engage with other enemies. The key to good cooperative play is communication and teamwork.
Do you have what it takes to survive in Boxville? I’ll see you out there!


Test Your Thinking Skills With Cubefield Hacked

Test Your Thinking Skills With Cubefield HackedCubefield Hacked is an awesome game, that tests your fast thinking and skills. It can help your to improve your thinking abilities, as well as your fast reaction and it is the perfect way to enjoy your free time. The background of the game changes, as you find yourself in different situations while playing.

Main objective of the game

Your goal is to try to reach the finish line as safely as possible, by maneuvering your spaceship the best way possible, by avoiding all the obstacles. In the meantime you have to race through different and colourful boxes, by trying not to crash on any of them. Otherwise your aircraft will crash and you will die. You’ll will aslo have to face a number of different obstacles before reaching the end, while you are flying through empty space and if you will dodge all of them successfully, you can earn some great high scores.

Levels can become complicated

Keep in mind, though, that this game comes with different levels and as you can understand the more levels you complete, the harder the game becomes as you move on towards the end. For example, there is a big difference in the game between level 1 and level 5, but as you move on in the game, your skills improve a great deal. But you have to be careful, because levels can become complicated, which means that the speed of movemnet increase. Moreover, you have to remember that having come across a square, the game stops, so you lose all your points, as well as all the levels you have passed. In fact, everything you gained until this moment, will be lost. Eventually you will have to begin the game all over again.

I also want to tell you about third version of the Tank Trouble game, which you can by the way play at any popular gaming site, let me know if you like it.

Controls of the game
There are only 2 controls for the Cubefield Hacked game; left and right. You can use the arrow keys on your keyboard, in order to guide your ship through an endless field of ominous looking coloured cubes. More specifically, left and right arrow keys can be used in order to dodge cubes. Moreover, you can use the P button to pause the game if you wish and you can also use th Q button if you wish to change the quality of the game. Also try Tank Trouble new version for free .

Happy Wheels How Many Different Ways Can You Die

Happy Wheels Demo is a wonderfully addicting game that makes you wheel your way through obstacles, as you try and avoid breaking your character into pieces. If you like games where you can maim and completely destroy your characters, in a bunch of different ways, then this is the game for you.

The instructions for this game are amazingly clear: get your player through the levels at any cost. You have a goal on every level which you must meet to move on to the next level. But don’t fear, if you just want to find different levels to see how many different ways you can kill your character, then you can just quit any level and choose another. The main characters are wheelchair guy, segway guy, the irresponsible dad, the effective shopper, the moped couple, the lawnmower man, the explorer guy, Santa Claus, pogostick man, the irresponsible mom, and the helicopter man. Other characters can be created, but these are the main ones. There are some helpful tips you can follow that may help you beat each level. These are: avoid traps, watch out for objects that move, beware of spikes, and basically just watch out for anything, because it all can kill you. Some levels are puzzles which you will have to explore in order to get out. You will have to find a switch, or hit a lever. Characters also have special abilities that can help you beat the level you are on.Happy Wheels How Many Different Ways Can You Die

Game Controls
In the game you have three main controls. The first two you will be using more frequently are the up and down arrow buttons. To move your character right, press the up arrow and to move your character left you will press the down arrow. Also used is the space bar, which will make your character jump. Another control you will use in the game, and can be so much fun, is the Z button, which causes your player to eject themselves from the vehicle which may help you beat the level, or kill yourself faster, you choose. On other levels you may use the CTRL and SHIFT buttons to do different things. Half the fun is seeing just what these two buttons do.

In summary, Happy Wheels Demo is a very fun and addicting game which will challenge you, make you laugh, make you want to die, and most of all, make you want to play over and over again. The best thing about this game though, is that it is free. That means you can kill every single character as many times as you want for no cost. Sounds fun to me.


Happy Wheels Characters Are Hilarious

Happy Wheels is a browser arcade game developed in 2010 by Jim Bonacci. The game offers an intriguing gameplay and huge number of different levels. The player starts by choosing one of the characters and level. There are four basic characters and later, you will be able to unlock more, if you play Happy Wheels full version. The main goal in this game is to go far across a road and you should do this without injuring character. This is a game known for its violence. You will control irresponsible racer and ignore all consequences while searching for victory. For younger children, this game maybe isn’t appropriate.

Happy Wheels Characters Are HilariousCharacters

– Wheelchair Guy

– Segway Guy

– Irresponsible Dad

– Effective Shopper

– Moped Couple

– Lawnmower Man

– Explorer Guy

– Santa Claus

– Pogostick Man

– Irresponsible Mom

– Helicopter Man


thisgamecanbescarylolCharacters in this game have a special ability which can be used for some specific purposes. So, Wheelchair Guy’s is able to speed up with his jet, Segway Guy is able to jump with Segway. It is also possible that characters eject from vehicles and it allows them to be independently controlled.


Happy Wheels game controls


Down key – slow down, reverse backwards

Up key – accelerate forwards

Left key – lean left, tilt anti clockwise

Right key – lean right, tilt clockwise

Z – this will eject everyone that is in the vehicle

C – change the view when there are two characters in the vehicle

Most Happy Wheels characters are able for special tasks and it is used for some specific purposes


Space – 1st action button

Once when ejected, you are able to grab with space-bar

Segway Guy – jumps

Wheelchair Guy – boosts

Effective Shopper – jumps

Irresponsible Dad – brakes

Lawnmower Guy – jumps

Moped Couple – boost, but for a limited time

Santa Claus – flies, but for a limited time

Explorer Guy: he will lock onto railenjoythishappywheelspng


Shift – 2nd action button

Wheelchair Guy – he will rotate rocket

Segway Guy – he will straighten his legs

Irresponsible Dad – he will eject father

Moped Couple – this will eject woman

Explorer Guy – he will lean forward


Ctrl – 3rd action button

Wheelchair Guy – rotate rocket

Segway Guy – bend legs

Irresponsible Dad – eject child

Moped Couple – brake

Explorer Guy – he will lean backward

Play Happy Wheels 2 Version @ Our Blog

Crazy flash game Happy Wheels Full Version from Jim Bonacci is weird, interesting, funny and addicting as well, play it online @ Our Blog



Balloon tower defense 3

Balloon tower defense 3 is a game where everything that happens is controlled by the mouse. Ninja Kiwi is the maker of the game and monkeys replace the towers while balloons replace enemies. You are supposed to use the monkeys for the purpose of popping balloons which move along the track. If some these balloons manage to make it to the other side of the track, you automatically lose some points. The strategy of the game lies in selecting the appropriate monkey and positioning the monkeys correctly. Apart from it there is some amazing new game – qwopunblocked.

Instructions for Play
The instructions for playing balloon tower defense 3 are simple. You are supposed to be in full control of the mouse and this can be achieved by upgrading the monkey turrets and placing them strategically. You should also find a way of keeping the balloons at bay in order to ensure they don’t get to the other side of the track.

Balloon tower defense 3Guidelines for Play in Order to Win
There are a couple of guidelines that can help you win in balloons tower defense 3 and these are as highlighted below.
The dart monkey is the ideal choice for starting the game and this is because they are the cheapest. In addition to this, they can also be upgraded so they can pop multiple balloons at a go. This means that they have the ability of scaling well till the game draws to an end. The first monkey should be positioned close the start of the track.The monkeys should also be positioned in a manner that makes it possible for the balloons to pass them at multiple times. The maps have several locations and this can help you understand where the path leads. Consequently, you can position the first 3 dart monkeys along these intersections in order to ensure they get the chance to pop as many passing balloons as possible.Tack towers should be placed at corners since they shoot in different directions and at the same time. Some of the corners you need to choose include the 1st turn in Map one and 3rd turn in Map two.A cannon tower should be placed at the very beginning of the track once you are in a position to afford it. Canon towers provide the cheapest strategy for popping lead balloons and it is essential at map’s beginning. The lead balloons should be popped at the beginning of the map. This way, the rest of the can be popped by the monkeys.You have to defeat the Mother of all Balloons or Massive Ornery Air Blimp (M.O.A.B). This can be done with the help of pineapple bombs. The M.O.A.B is known to take longer to pop and at the beginning of the game, it is likely you won’t have the power to defeat the balloons. The pineapple bombs can be used as a supplement for your monkeys so they can do some damage control before the M.O.A.B find their way throughout your ranks.As soon as you get the money to afford buying super monkeys, do it. These are the same as dart monkeys but they shoot faster. Though they are expensive, they will pop the balloons fast and this will be to your benefit.

With these simple yet effective strategies, you can win at balloon tower defense 3. You may also check  site where you can play interesting puzzle kind of the flash game, it is my personal advice to give it a try since it is wonderful game. You can also play it on your Android phone as well as Iphone system.

Impossible Quiz 4 quick review



Impossible quiz unblocked is quite a treat for fans of online gaming. As most online gamers would already know, games like this only require one to have an internet connection to play. The game itself is intersestingly bizarre and would require gamers to think out of the box to advance in the game. Well, out of the box is an understatement here. Read on to find out more!


The game gives the player three lives. Every time the wrong answer is clicked, the player loses one life. When all three lives are lost, the game is over. The questions and their corresponding answers are presented to the players in all sorts of ways. The feature that sets this quiz apart from the rest is the fact that once a player loses a game and starts over again, the same questions would come up in the exact same order. This allows one to quickly get back to the point where they had lost the last time around without losing any lives.
This games has skips and bombs. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? It really is. Whenever a player scores a ‘skip’, he is allowed to skip a question. One must keep in mind though that a skip can be used only once and that some questions can’t be skipped.’Bombs’ are actually bomb questions that give the players a limited time to answer. Bombs can take anywhere 1 to 10 seconds to explode. Players must answer these questions within this time frame or else the game is over!

impossible quiz 4


The game really keeps players on the edge of their seats or couches! As one advances through the game, the questions get weirder and harder and force you to think hard to find an answer that’s staring you right in the face. Impossible quiz guarantees to get you hooked and want to play the other Impossible quizzes!


Two Players Mode – Tank Trouble – Play Online

iconoftankIf you are looking for a quick and easy game to play that requires no download, is free and can bring enjoyment for up to three players at the same time, then Tank Trouble might just be that game for you. Tank Trouble Unblocked is a simple looking but highly addictive free to play flash based game that can be played straight in your browser.

The gameplay in Tank Trouble is fairly simple in theory but it becomes increasingly addictive, hectic and fun the more players that are playing it. You can either go toe to toe with the computer controlled player called ‘Laika’ or take on one or even two friends on the same computer. The latter is where the real fun occurs, simply because not only are you competing in the game but are also competing for space at the keyboard area.

This is because two players have to control their tank on the same keyboard whilst the third uses the mouse. We will go into more detail regarding the exact controls later in this review as for now you can play this game on the official web-page, it is free of course and there you can find all other versions as well.

The idea in Tank Trouble is to kill off your opponents before they kill you, yet you are not on open terrain in much the way you would expect where tanks would be but in a maze environment instead. You tank shells, once fired, will bounce off the walls, go around corners and sometimes even come back to destroy your own tank.

So you can imagine the type of of panicking movements each player will be doing as they not only try and destroy their opponents but dodge all of the shells flying about themselves.

Two Players Mode – Tank Trouble – Play OnlineGraphics
A quick and easy game like unblocked Tank Trouble is never going to set the world alight with its graphics, yet fundamentally, they really do not matter in the grand scheme of things. The game is a top down affair with simple but smooth running graphics that have been done more than adequately for a a game of this type.

As we mentioned previously, all players will be converging on the same small space to play this highly enjoyable flash game. If you playing Tank Trouble alone, your controls will be the arrow keys to move and the ‘M’ key to fire. If two of you are playing, the second player will have to use the ‘E’, ‘S’, ‘D’, ‘F’ keys for movement and the ‘Q’ key to fire. A third player will then have to use the mouse to move and the mouse button to fire off their shots.

Tank Trouble is certainly a fun game, especially when you consider it is completely free and requires no download whatsoever. If you are looking for some hectic enjoyment with a couple of your friends, you should certainly consider giving this one a try.

Play simple yet wonderful flash game – Tank Trouble in two players mode and enjoy this awesome game


Best zombie flash games small review

Undead Highway: Interesting & Addictive Zombie Flash Game written by: lbonelove Zombie games have become popular and as such many game companies have made it even more expensive to purchase, however the love for the game has made gamers to get the experience from free and easily accessible. So if you are a lover of zombie games of any kind, then the experience is made fully available via flash games online and Undead Highway is one of many zombie flash games that is both challenging and interesting zombie game to play.

Game Overview:
bh logo
Undead Highway is an online Boxhead Zombie Game, rated one of the top games in the Zombie genre, another top flash game today is Happy Wheels Unblocked and Electric Man 2. It is a top-down shooting game with the specific goal to find car keys in every level so as to proceed by driving to another level. It’s not a simple drive as there are encounters along the way, making the game interesting and the player gets to pick up various car keys, ammunitions and weapons along the way that have been left by demolished zombies.

For weapons, the assortments of weapons in this game are more unique compared to other zombie games. Zombies are numerous and fast thereby requiring swift responses to be able to move about shooting and dodging the zombies simultaneously. This game is designed from the creators of Dead Frontier.


The major requirement for playing all flash games is internet access and the installation of adobe flash player. Apart from those two requirements mentioned above, other added requirements make the gaming experience more interesting. These include audio output such as headphones or speakers. Games can be played on Mac or Windows computer.

Game Controls

The keyboard is the major control of the game. The following are how to play using the controls:

The Mouse is used as a target control by swiping to aim and clicking to shoot
Use the Alphabet Keys W, A, S, D as major controls for Movement

W = Move Up
A = Move Left
S = Move Back,
D = Move Right

cod moon
Other Control Keys include:
Esc = To Exit Game
P = To Pause Game
Number Keys = Select Weapons
Space Bar = Switching Between Selected Weapons


Dangerous and tasty Apple Shooter hacked

Apple Shooter hackedHave you ever dreamed of practicing your archery skills at home without having to spend money on heavy equipment? You can also practice flying skills in Learn to fly 2. Well this fun Apple Shooter Hacked game will let you do just that but virtually in the comfort of your home. Your goal is to hit the apple on top of a man’s head. It seems simple, but it is actually quite tricky as you have to check the height angle and speed of your arrow. The graphics are clear which will help you with you precision. Also, to win, you have to protect the life of the man by not shooting his body. Can you succeed and devourer this fruity challenge and avoid killing this innocent man? Are your virtual archery skills on point?

characterApple Shooter Hacked works with levels called, in this case, rounds. Once you succeeded one round, you access the next one. As you go through the rounds, the distance between you and the man having the apple on top of his head increase. The distance starts at twenty feet and goes beyond expectations as you play more rounds. It is crucial that, in every new level, you adapt the height angle and the force or speed of your arrow. If you miss your shoot and that you hit that man, you lose the game and you leave the man in blood. Want to keep track of your high score? Your score is the amount of level you go through. In each round of Apple Shooter Hacked, you can throw as many arrows as you want to until you succeed to hit the apple. But be careful, you don’t have any more chances if you kill the man with the apple on his head. Keep in mind that when you shoot an arrow, its trajectory is usually curvy. To avoid that that curves, you have to shoot the arrow faster. Also, don’t forget that hitting the apple does not take you to the next round if you kill the man at same time.

The controls are easy, but at first, you’ll need a couple shoot to master them:

Make your computer mouse go up or down to adjust the height of your character’s arms. It will, at the same time, adjust the height of the arrow. Then, click the left button of your mouse. The longer you hold your mouse left button, the faster you’ll shoot that arrow.

Fruity, fun and catchy, those words totally represent Apple Shooter Hacked.


A Review Of Return man 4 – A Very Popular Online Sports Game

Return Man 4, also called Return Man Linebacker, is a popular game which thrills most of the flash gamers. It is an American Football game produced by ESPN. In case you’ve tried playing the last versions of this game, you comprehend that the team was always placed into the attack position and that you need to score a touchdown.

A Review Of Return man 4The objective of the game

In contrast, your team will be in the defense position with regards to Linebacker. Moreover, your primary objective involves preventing your opponent from scoring any touchdown. The player is required to apprehend and also catch the person possessing the ball. You’re needed to make use of your running abilities to catch the enemy before he is able to touch the finish line.

Also, in case your opponent is able to catch you, you have to fight him. Remember that this game gets somewhat challenging while you progress, although some additional help – including new moves as well as new strong classmates – is awaiting you. All these innovative special moves are very handy because it will help you to run quicker and also safer compared to your enemies.

The Linebacker relates to real football, where the primary aim would be to apprehend the competitors and also catch the ball before it is able to touch the finish line. Therefore, you are needed to comprehend perfect techniques to get through the blockers.

A Very Popular Online Sports GameYour skills are going to be upgraded as you progress in this game. As you advance, you’ll acquire skills such as bull rushing and swimming. These skills are essential with regards to overwhelming the blockers of the enemy team. Ensure that you move very carefully and always prevent hitting the opponent.


The controls of the game are very simple to understand. Additionally, they are comfortable to make use of as well. Utilize the I, J, K and L buttons to maneuver in various directions. You may even decide to make use of the arrow keys instead of using the control keys. The space bar can be used to continue or dive tackle, whereas the M button can be utilized to mute the sound.

Special moves:

A – Swimming.

S – Shuck.

D – Bull Rush.


It is important to unlock all of the special moves in Return Man 3 online game. Also, ensure to improve your defense and don’t allow anybody to pass.


Return Man 4 is the most effective Flash game that’s really advanced. It’s exclusively in line with the defensive concept of the American Football. This most recent version produced by ESPN boasts stylish and absolute simplicity, in addition to advanced features which is going to delight any gamer. It’s a perfect game for everybody who loves sports activities as well as flash games.